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Am I butchering his Spanish? Am I making horrible cultural judgments about Cubans? Is there something you just want to tell me?

Well that all goes here, anon and screened/all that fun stuff.
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[Cuba was out for another day of wishing he wasn't stuck in this American town, when he notices the large package by the mailbox. Opening it up he finds a familiar face....of a kind.

A. Outside the house. There is a crocodile outside the house. Cuba is grinning. That is never good.

B. Showing the crocodile the park. Hope you aren't in the water.

C. Walking through the town with a crocodile, pointing things out to him. No this is not strange. There's a lot of insulting American things though.]

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 [Well Cuba's always been the polite one in the family (are you scared yet?). It comes with sisters beating you with shoes every time you tried to flirt with anyone,...thanks sis's. Anyway. you can find Cuba around the place being polite and a creepy extent. 

A. Doing some yard work in the front of his houses

B. Opening the door for someone in a store

C. Smoking a cigar in the park]


Hey Spain, just so you know. Mothers day does not include you. 
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 Just thought people should know, it doesn't seem like Leliana's coming back. 

[Filtered from Spain.]

It's a long shot but does anyone have a have a map? Not one of the ones you can find here but in the future, like 2000's or anything?


A. Cuba is slightly depressed. And what cheers you up when you're sad? Ice cream of course. Which is why you can find him at the malt shop or whatever it is that the Americans call the place where you buy ice-cream. Just trying to ignore the drones and looking at the stuff for sale.

B. Eating icecream as he walks down the street. Okay maybe it is a little cold for icecream. Feel free to tell him that. At least the snows gone.

C. He really needs to watch where he's going, ah wonderful ice-cream on the ground. Noooooo........Cuba looks like someone kicked his puppy. Were you the one who ran into him? Or did you see a drone do it? ]
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 [Cuba's been home most of the day, reading the paper and trying to forget about the fact that he now had to deal with Spain here.

Oh he'd gone out this morning to buy some flowes for Leliana. But that was about it.

Right now he's in the living room, either reading the sports section, or glancing at the Cuban flag on the wall. Or a bit of both...]
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 [Well Cuba was dead for a while....that was fun.

Only not. But he's been alive again for a while now and he's discovered something]

Hey, anyone who knows Marisa, did she do anything to get in trouble...I mean recently? Cause she's been droned for a while now and it's starting to get weird.

Oh yeah, Vietnam, Canada. You guys doing anything for New Years tonight?

[About to hang up when he remembers something]

.....also, when does winter end around here? 
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 Well Papá Noel's apperently just as much of a bastard as Amercia is. 

....Sorry Finland, this worlds version of Papá Noel is the bastard. 

Still, at least I got some cigars out of it. 

[Unfortunately he's had one in his mouth for a while and then his present....kicks in.]

Fucking hell....should have known....

[And there is a thud as he falls to the ground.]


Nov. 15th, 2010 08:33 pm
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 [Someone needs to stop and look where he's going because Cuba managed to get in the way of that gun and now is rather younger. You can find him in

a. Looking around the town for Spain/the ocean. He'd rather the later.

b. Poking a car's tire.

c. Crawling through some bushes.

All replies will be from [ profile] screwucolombus ]
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[Cuba woke up.

And at first he just figured he was in a hotel and had, had too much to drink the night before. But as he looked around the room, his hope started to die and at the same time some rather old memories came back. Mayfield have a pissed off Cuban....again as he's managed to knock the phone of the hook.]

What the HELL?! This place again!  

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[Action for family.]

Hey Leliana, I found that map for you!
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[Filtered from drones]

So do we know for sure what happens to someone when they get droned for good?

[Filtered to Belgium]

Ah....are you doing anything tomorrow?

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[Cuba was droned for a while after coming back. Which on the plus side meant his shattered hand got better. On the other side....he was a drone. An American drone of course. When he snapped out of it he soon came to realize something worse. Which is why he's making this phone call. There's some talking in the background as he picks up the phone.]

"But sweety I don't know what you're talking about."
"I said stop that!"

[There's a long sigh before he relaizes he's picked up the phone already]

Yeah. Anyone who knew Hanna. He's a drone now.

[And is just going to leave it at that. You can either call him back to find out more, or find him outside smoking. Regain was cigars, and boy does he need one. ]
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[Filtered to Canada]

Hey Mattie, what do you want for your birthday?

[Filtered to Russia, China and Vietnam]

So July 4ths coming up. Anyone want to have a flag burning?

[Everyone else]

Just a question, where are most people from around here?
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[Sob he doesn't know how to filter the phones so....everyone have a Cuban who's really just having a long day ] 

Just when I thought this place couldn't get any stranger....

[there may be a pause...]

Why is my wife a man?
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So what do people do around here for fun? I'm getting tired of staring at the the horrible American set up in my house.

Anyone know where I can get a drink and some icecream?
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[He wakes up and blinks slowly. This isn’t his house. He can tell just from laying there. This place is too....he looks around and after a bit of searching finds the phone. Have an incredibly angry Cuban yelling at you Mayfield, thick accent included]


What do you think you’re pulling, kidnapping me like this?

If this is another one of your stupid schemes to kill my boss, I swear....

[There's a pause as he sighes and looks around.]

Shit. Your house is worse than I thought.


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